A Vision for Peace building in the Gobal Era

The Universal Peace Federation, in cooperation with Ambassadors for Peace of all nations and faiths, has been involved in peacebuilding throughout the world through interreligious dialogue, consultations on peace and security, initiatives for peace in areas of conflict, peace education, and a multitude of other programs. In this session, the UPF peacebuilding principles and practices will be presented, and respected statesmen and Ambassadors for Peace will give their perspective on the critical challenges of our time and their vision for bringing effective peacebuilding solutions.

Moderator:  Mr. Umberto Angelucci, Chair, UPF Middle East and North Africa      

Welcome Greetings: Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham, House of Lords, United Kingdom


  • Jack Corley, Chair, UPF Europe
  • Jacques Marion, Secretary General, UPF Europe


  • J. Martin Ramirez, Chair, Centre for Conflict Studies, Nebrija University, Spain
  • Erna Hennicot-Schoepges, Vice President, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy; former Speaker of the Luxembourg Parliament
  • Robert Vandemeulebroucke, Ambassador (Ret.), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Belgium

Video presentation


Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham, House of Lords, United Kingdom

Tom [Brake], Dr Walsh, very distinguished ladies and gentlemen and friends, I am very sorry that I have to leave soon after my speech or just a few words, but I want to say thank you to the UPF, because for many, many years we have been working for peace, not only in the middle east, and I have had the pleasure of working with some of the friends here in Jerusalem, as well as on the Korean peninsula.

Video of the intervention of Keith Best, Chief Executive, Freedom from Torture.

Mr. Jacques Marion, Secretary General, UPF Europe

Video of the intervention of Mr. Jacques Marion, Secretary General, UPF Europe.

Mr. Jack Corley, Chair, UPF Europe

Videos of the intervention of and interview with Mr Jack Corley, Chair, UPF Europe.

Amb. Robert Vandemeulebroucke

A good starting point are the building blocks of a well-functioning modern society: the implementation of the rule of law, free and fair elections, a multi-party system, a free press, an independent justice, religious freedom, respect of minorities, sustainable economic policies to the benefit of all, good education opportunities, etc.

Prof. J. Martin Ramirez

I have been in contact with this Foundation for a long time. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet old friends.

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