Mrs. Mitty Tohma, European Vice-President of WFWP, President of WFWP UKMrs. Mitty Tohma, European Vice-President of WFWP, President of WFWP UKMitty Tohma, the vice president of WFWP for Europe and the president of WFWP for the United Kingdom, introduced a special humanitarian project titled Emergency Appeal for Ukraine, which was being launched at this conference.

Mrs. Tohma spoke about meeting internally displaced persons during visits to Ukraine. She recalled one woman whom she will never forget: Her face was etched in pain and her whole body was shivering, as she just had lost every member of her family. She was almost unable to talk. Mrs. Tohma said a center for social and psychological rehabilitation is essential.





Ms. Anna Kalmatskaya, Vice-President, Women’s Federation for World Peace, UkraineMs. Anna Kalmatskaya, Vice-President, Women’s Federation for World Peace, UkraineMrs. Tohma then introduced Anna Kalmatskaya, the vice president of WFWP-Ukraine.

Referring to WFWP-Ukraine’s extensive experience since 2014 and more intensely since February 2022, Mrs. Kalmatskaya thanked European partners for their generous support for ongoing activities, which have included humanitarian aid distribution to 100 internally displaced persons and evacuation assistance to 50 families.

Although most WFWP-Ukraine members became refugees or internally displaced persons, their activities did not cease. For example, Tatiana Kotseba, the president of WFWP-Ukraine and the mother of five, remains in Kyiv despite hostilities.

As their work has increased substantially since the outbreak of the war, Mrs. Kalmatskaya presented details of their new project. This consists of a mobile team providing humanitarian, medical and psychological relief to approximately 100 families who had fled the frontlines to small villages and are now surviving in difficult conditions. Many are traumatized and require psychosocial support, and some families have elderly and disabled members. They lack access to information on legal or social assistance, are in financial need and cannot apply for status as IDPs.

A register is kept by the Ministry of Veteran Affairs of the Kyiv-Svyatoshin Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation in the city of Boyarka, the cooperating partner of WFWP since 2014.

A full description of the project is available at WFWP chapters.

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