Dr. Afsar Rathor

Speaker: Dr. Afsar Rathor

President, Growth For Peace, Austria

Dr. Afsar Rathor worked as a senior executive in the United Nations responsible for implementing multimillion dollar projects with various UN organizations in Africa, the Caribbean, South America and East Europe. He has extensive experience in the fields of conflict management and peace, project management, poverty alleviation, environment and energy. He left the UN after serving for more than 27 years, in order to dedicate himself to implementing projects in developing countries, funded by International NGOs, in the fields of poverty alleviation, women’s empowerment, education and project and disaster and conflict management. He has conducted several seminars and lectures on leadership, development, project management, the role of research and higher education at universities in developing countries and the E.U. He is also the President of the organization “Growth For Peace”.

Dr. Afsar Rathor started by expressing his appreciation for the professionalism he has seen in UPF and the way they have organized all these conferences, which are building bridges among groups. He explained that it was an amazing experience for him to take a tour of the Balkan nations with UPF during the Balkans Peace Road 2019 and to meet people who were advocating for forgiveness.

He came from a family that has also seen atrocities, in which they had three sayings:

Mother Moon said this is a blessed country. What is the way forward into the future?

Referring to Dr. Fasslabend’s speech, he mentioned tourism. In 2018, the people of the world spent $3.6 trillion on tourism. Dr. Rathor also lives in Austria, which has a lot of tourism.

He also mentioned the trade war between the US and China and explained that investors are looking for investments around the world. Albania could be successful in producing Halal food and seafood.

Mother Moon hinted at future opportunities for the Balkans. Nelson Mandela did not fear forgiveness for the sake of peace.

Hon. Kimmo Sasi

Speaker: Hon. Kimmo Sasi

Former MP and Minister, Finland

Hon. Kimmo Sasi is a Finnish politician and lawyer. He obtained his MBA in Helsinki and Master of Law at Columbia University, USA. A member of the centre-right National Coalition Party, he served as a member of the Parliament of Finland from 1983 to 2015. He served as Minister of Foreign Trade from 1999 to 2001 and as Minister of Transport and Communications in the government of Finland from 2002 to 2003. He was chairman of the parliamentary committee on constitutional affairs from 2003 to 2011, and served as chairman of the standing committee on finance from 2011 to 2015. He served as President of the Nordic Council in 2012. He has also held numerous international positions, including Vice Chair of the WTO (World Trade Organisation) Doha meeting, and participated in many election observer missions.

He has also held numerous international positions, including Vice Chair of the WTO (World Trade Organisation) Doha meeting, and participated in many election observer missions.

Hon. Kimmo Sasi from Finland expressed that we have arrived at the right moment in Albania. The European Union made a mistake by not opening negotiations on the membership of North Macedonia and Albania.

The president of Finland once said, “If you have disintegration, you need integration”. Every European country has had to meet certain conditions to join the EU.

To get together here with ruling leaders has been very important.

What a human being desires is cooperation and trust in one’s own family. When you have learned to act properly in your own family, you can do so in the larger society.


Ms. Teuta Avdyli, an Albanian lady living in London, expressed that she was very moved that Mother Moon chose Albania out of all the countries in Europe.

“It doesn’t matter if a nation is poor or rich”, she said, “we all need God. As Mother Moon said today, only with God can we become a great nation. This confirmed my feeling that Mother Moon is the Daughter of God”.

When she met the organization in London, she felt that she belonged to UPF. She was the victim of a lorry (truck) accident, in which a lorry drove over her legs three times.

No one is like anyone else. Each one of us is a masterpiece.

She thanked thank UPF for its hard work and dedication in putting together this amazing event.

We are about human love. We live to make others happy. We should keep smiling, live intentionally and practice what Mother Moon said, that is to be humble before God; put God first, and put ourselves second.

Hon. Roberto Rampi

Speaker: Hon. Roberto Rampi

Member of Parliament, Italy

Hon. Roberto Rampi serves a second mandate as a member of the Italian Parliament. In 2013 he was elected at the House of Deputies for the Democratic Party. In March 2018 he was elected as a Senator and in October 2018 he was appointed to be a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. A philosopher, politician, journalist and actor in the cultural sector, he has worked for the communication and enhancement of cultural heritage. He is a former councilor for culture and vice-mayor of his hometown of Vimercate, near Milan. Both in his political involvement and private activity, culture is the guiding principle of his work, owing to his belief in the power of cultural development as a pillar of democracy, peace and prosperity, human rights and positive relationship among different civilizations and religions.

Senator Roberto Rampi expressed that he really feels we are a family. He explained that this was his ninth time “going around the world” with UPF and every time he meets special people who give him something special for his life, his work. We are all really part of a family in all the world.

Mr. Jacques Marion

Speaker: Mr. Jacques Marion

President, UPF Europe and the Middle East

Mr. Marion is a French citizen, born in Cameroon. He worked for twelve years with Unification Movement programmes in Northern, Central and Southern Africa. Between 1998 and 2006, he worked in China as a Vice President of the International Educational Foundation, based in Beijing. From 2006 to 2013 he served as Secretary General of UPF Eurasia, based in Moscow. He is currently the co-chair of UPF Europe and the Middle East and the president of UPF France.

Mr. Jacques Marion, president of UPF Europe and the Middle East, started out by thanking all those who came to the Southeast Europe Peace Summit. In addition, he singled out the following persons:

He said he was very happy to hear Mother Moon speak about the Balkan Peninsula. The Balkans have something that Europe should learn about, a tradition that Europe can learn from. “This is a very important place and there is a lot of potential here”, he said.