"Racism, religious intolerance, the destruction of nature and other disasters that occur in our world come about as a result of the serious problems in the human heart. This is where we have to look for the solution of world problems. Hatred in the human heart must be replaced by love.”

Ladies and gentlemen,

With these wise and heartfelt words from Dr.Hak Ja Han Moon, let me express my consideration for this spiritual leader of the Universal Peace Federation. Admirable is the way she is trying to keep the light on on the way to peace, many years after the passing of her husband's, Rev. Sun Myung Moon's passing, through whom she developed the dream and the motive of life.

Undoubtedly, Reverend Moon was a visionary leader able to foresee the challenges of the future and envision innovative strategies to make sure that we move towards true peace.

It is my pleasure and honor to be present at this World Peace Summit, which is taking place in Albania, where racism finds no foothold; where religious intolerance is replaced by religious harmony - an identifying characteristic unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Albanians regard religious tolerance as a fundamental value, more deeply rooted in their moral and social tradition and values than experienced as social practice, belief or policy. Although Albanians greatly appreciate the role of religious community leaders and of the clerics that promote religious tolerance in the country, the key instruments that enable tolerance are related to values, such as respect for individual freedoms and the prevalence of national traditions and awareness beyond religious beliefs; these are the factors enabling religious tolerance. Together, people of all faiths regardless of religion are interconnected by the universalism that faith (in God) grants: Love.

Given the religious diversity of Albanian society, maintaining social cohesion, tolerance and religious harmony even in turbulent times has been a remarkable achievement. Religious tolerance is an Albanian trait, or a social and cultural model, that can be "exported" towards other national and cultural contexts. In view of the above logic, a claim arises internally; to try to find ways to create a better world - a better world, not as an expression of the egoism as "only for myself," but a better world, as a legacy to the generations to come.

The Universal Peace Federation has done this at its best, by holding regular International Leadership Conferences, which are naturally bringing together world leaders around a common vision of peace. To this end, on February 8, 2019, on the occasion of the 2019 World Summit in Seoul, South Korea, was convened the International Peace Summit Council (ISCP) initiated by UPF co-founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.

It's an international network of heads of state and governments who, through dialogue and cooperation, explore solutions and make recommendations to address critical world problems, including climate change and environmental issues, religious conflicts, poverty, war, corruption and family. The ISCP is committed to building a world of peace in which everyone can live in freedom, harmony, cooperation and prosperity. The ISCP upholds the essential principles of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values and acts as a facilitator and adviser for achieving peace and development.

What we all need to know is the importance of patience in order to achieve peace. No matter how difficult it may be, the path to peace opens with constant perseverance. Be assured of this. With participants from key sectors such as politics, business, the media and religion, these summits have been able to come up with a number of new ways to promote peace, not only nationally but also globally. However, the most important thing is how we receive these messages and learn among ordinary people in different counties and include them in movements. It is impressive how UPF works by addressing issues that are crucial at the global level such as peace.

 At this Peace Summit held in Tirana today with its on-going, unstoppable mission to promote the universal values, that we are so much in need these times… when we often, with or without cause, lock ourselves in dark spaces without ever trying to think of the limpidity of what permeates us as "Gods Creatures," (God's children) - kindness, altruism - by attaching ourselves to harmful habits to quickly reach success, cutting off the way to the easier path.

Therefore, in order for us not fall into a trap, the learning process must be continuous, a food for the soul, such as the example of this Summit that brings together people who  can share their experiences to embody and facilitate empowerment on a path that is not at all easy, but accessible, such as: PEACE! Our country has gone through many challenges, through multiple tunnels of sometimes hallucinatory and other times illuminating contrasts, from the country - once the most isolated place on the globe - to today's country so close to the European family.

It is easy to say in a descriptive sentence, butthis has involved years of hard work, trials, struggles and dreams that were shaped precisely by good wishes, by the inner energy of ordinary people.

From yesterday to today, the changes are radical. But does that make us complacent? No! Not at all! We think the opposite. For as long as we breathe, for that long will the problems remain, according to an old proverb. The essence is what can we change, where rather than receiving, we should give, and rather than complaining, we should work harder. The topics to be discussed in this Summit are current, reflecting the need to be together indiscriminately, such as:

  • "Towards Peace in Southeast Europe",
  • "Peace Education and Human Development",
  • "Family values, Peace Values ", etc.“

A culture of peace will be achieved when citizens of the world understand global problems; when they'll have the skills to resolve conflicts constructively, when recognizing and living up to international standards of human rights, gender and racial equality; when appreciating cultural diversity; and when respecting the integrity of the Earth. Such a lesson cannot be achieved without self-sufficient and systematic education for global peace”.

And with this part of the Hague Appeal for Peace Statement, I conclude my speech by thanking you for your attention and wishing this Summit success going forward.

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