Dear friends and neighbours from the region,

It is my honour and pleasure to be here, in Kosovo, with all of you. Përshëndetje nga Mali I Zi (Greetings from Montenegro).

I am glad to be here today in Pristina, the capital of one small, but open state, always ready to receive friends with a warm embrace.

First of all, I wish to offer my congratulations on the stabilization of the political situation and the formation of a new government that I hope will work for everything in the interest of the citizens of Kosovo.

The strategic integration goals of Montenegro in joining NATO, and I really hope very soon the European union, cannot be achieved without it playing an active role in regional cooperation and the consideration of foreign policy in the regional context.

The minority ethnic group of Albanians, who live in Montenegro, can be a good bridge of cooperation with your country. Many of them are my friends and brothers, like you here today.

We gathered here with the objective of promoting the well-being of all nations, which is the main goal of Universal Peace Federation (UPF), namely to increase dialogue and understanding between different parties.

Your methods, including consultations among scholars, diplomats, government officials, civil society representatives, and religious leaders, with people-to-people diplomacy involving young people like myself, is the best way to make this world a better place to live.

Our aim must be to connect with each other and to promote values such as tolerance, solidarity and sincere love, especially for the new generation in the Balkans. This for us young people must be one of the key priorities.

Your organization is to me a sincere partner and friend, because you assert such ideas in your work and activities.

My first contact with UPF was last year, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina, at a conference where I talked about the mobility of young people in our region.

Following this, It was a great honour to be part of the fourth World Summit on Peace and Security that was held from 1st to 5th February in Seoul, South Korea. This conference brought together more than 400 participants from 120 countries. Current and former parliamentarians, representatives of political parties, religious dignitaries and prominent members of the civil sector expressed the need to build a world based on mutual understanding and tolerance, which should mean prosperity for all nations. During the sessions that were held, organized by UPF and partner organizations, announced that only through the unification of our forces can we make this world a better place to live in.

Mutual respect, solidarity and the realization of dialogue represent a good basis for raising awareness of the importance of long-term peace and stability.

It is imperative in the coming period that we continue to affirm the principles of youth policy that should be based on universal values, today’s pluralist democracies and human rights. There is no alternative to principles such as equality, respect for identity, access to one's own culture and equal chance for all.

I hope that we can work together to achieve regional stability in the Balkans, the strengthening of good neighbourly relations among the peoples of the region and thereby achieve a common Euro-Atlantic future.

I think that there is no alternative to this path, because such a commitment is the only guarantee that we can build together a Balkans based on human values, as taught by God in all the sacred books given to us as a guide.

I wish to thank UPF Albania for recognizing my efforts and honouring me with the certificate of Ambassador for Peace in April this year in Montenegro.

I look forward to any future opportunity to strengthen our personal friendship, in Montenegro or in any other state of the Balkans.

Thank you for your attention!

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