Mr. Jacques Marion, Secretary General of UPF Europe

It is a privilege to participate in this European Leadership conference here in Vienna, co-sponsored by the Women’s Federation for World Peace and the Academic Council on the United Nations System.

Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, President, UPF

The Universal Peace Federation is dedicated to the promotion of good relations, good partnerships among peoples, nations, religions.

Ambassador A.S. Azimov

We consider the issue of visa abolition for short-term trips by Russian Federation and European Union citizens to be one of priorities of our current relations with the EU. A breakthrough in this direction will be a serious achievement in our strategic partnership with the EU as well as a sound stimulus for developing economic, cultural, and humanitarian interrelations.

Ambassador Sergei Nechaev

I am happy to welcome the organizers and participants of the conference on cooperation of Russia and European Union in this era of globalization.

The first session was chaired by Mr Peter Haider, Secretary General of UPF-Austria.

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