• Help children grow to their full potential
  • Growing up doesn’t automatically result in maturing -> A warm and safe relationship with a caring adult is needed -> attachment is the pre- eminent need.
  • 6 phased of attachment: Senses with mother; Sameness; Belonging & loyalty; Significance to be dear to someone and close connection; Love. Being known.
  • No need for more expert programs to get more interest of students or anything, but need more attachment.
  • Behavioral based resources to encourage better attachment

Mrs Margriet Noot-Heijdemann

Author: Mrs Margriet Noot-Heijdemann

Educator and family counselor, the Netherlands

Margriet Noot-Heijdemann is married and mother of four grown children and grandmother of three. For many years she was a teacher for different age groups. Now a family counselor she enjoys working with couples, parents and children. She likes to draw on the Neufeld paradigm in her counseling with great lasting results. She also offers workshops with a variety of topics in the Neufeld paradigm which give insight in the essential role of attachment in maturation and help parents and professionals develop a succesful relationship with children, adolescents and partners.

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