• Policy needs to focus on dedication
  • Be confident and positive about marriage
  • Appoint minister for family
  • Distinguish marriage in the forum
  • Incentives for marriage in the early years
  • Support relationships in the early years

Mr. Harry Benson

Author: Mr. Harry Benson

Research Director, The Marriage Foundation

Harry Benson has spent the last fifteen years researching, writing and teaching about marriage and family. He has taught relationship courses to thousands of couples and is the author and originator of Let’s Stick Together, a pioneering relationship book and programme for new parents. His research papers on marriage and family breakdown have made front-page news, and his findings are regularly cited by media and politicians. He has written a stream of research papers and articles for the Marriage Foundation, a charity launched in 2012 whose aim is to be a voice for marriage. As Research Director, Harry Benson appears regularly in local and national media. He and his wife, Kate, have six children.

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