The European Union views families as a source of economic prosperity, in which member states focus on child well-being, gender equality. When women are economically independent, they will be better able to adjust in the family and balance work and family life.

The family is a dynamic form of human coexistence. These days, people focus more on their carrier because they want to be better situated in the society. The primary needs of the child are not material but it is the love and care from the parents. Family is not the only source of economic prosperity but it is the source of the human prosperity. Children sometimes seem to be the problem but they are also the solution. Life functions in the principle of give and take. Why can human beings not establish peace and love in their relationship? It is because they violate the principle of give and take.

When we look and think differently, we act differently

Mr. Josef Gundacker

Author: Mr. Josef Gundacker

President, Family Forum, Austria

Mr. Gundacker is married to his Australian wife, Lilly, and they have five children. He works in social marketing, fundraising for various charitable organizations. He established the Family Forum in 2007. He promotes “True Family Values” and has organized “True Family Award” events from 2008 to 2011 for outstanding parents and families in Austria. He holds meetings and seminars on themes such as “Education Begins in the Family,” “Are Parents Important?” etc. Since 2012 he has addressed European Leadership Conferences in Geneva, Paris, Prague and Vienna. His focus is to make “Family Mainstreaming” the guiding thought and principle of European family politics. His motto: Family is not the problem, it is the solution!

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