Director of the WFWPI UN Offices, Mrs. Carolyn Handschin’s presentation was “Family: The Place where Human Rights Values meet Peace and Human Development”. Clearly, the mere existence of Human Rights, or a universally agreed Declaration on them, will not automatically bring a culture rooted in the values and behavior described within. A built-in incentive towards empathy and “Human Responsibility” that overrides the need for an elaborate system of enforcement is necessary. Patriarchy hasn’t worked, nor matriarchy, but a new paradigm was proposed by Ms. Handschin: “Familiarchy” – a system in society in which the family unit is the nexus.

Parents, children and extended family members cooperate according to their interdependent roles to enhance each member’s value and contribute as a whole and as individual members to development of the larger community. This should expand naturally to an inclusive system of governance in which men and women share responsibility similar to the way that parents’ guide and nurture their children. Weakened families disrupt gender roles- as seen in the impact on children in cases of domestic violence and have sparked “trends” in the definition of family. It is important to maintain an awareness of the optimal norm/form for family while identifying causes of breakdown (prevention), similar to the way that the medical field handles sickness of the body. A healthy body is always the reference point.

Mrs. Carolyn Handschin-Moser

Author: Mrs. Carolyn Handschin-Moser

Vice President, Women’s Federation for World Peace International (WFWPI)

Mrs. Handschin-Moser is President of WFWP in Europe and Vice President, UN NGO Committee on the Status of Women- Geneva. She is also the Director of the UN Office for WFWPI globally and leads its advocacy team at the UN in Geneva, focusing on peace, human rights/human dignity through the empowerment of women and girls and strengthening the family. She founded the WFWPI-UN Internship program in Geneva in 2005. She has been a co-coordinator of the Middle East Women’s Conference Series for 12 years. She is co-founder of the Geneva Interfaith Intercultural Alliance and coordinator of the youth Model UN Interfaith Council Program.

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