Family Values and their Link to Economic Well - Being and Social Outcomes - Geneva, Switzerland, 30 June – 1 July 2014

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Walter Baar

Mr. Walter Baar, Director of the Institute for Trends Research in Austria presented his statistical research in response to the question: Where is our world heading and why does the family need to be protected?

Carolyn Handschin, President WFWP Europe

Director of the WFWPI UN Offices, Mrs. Carolyn Handschin’s presentation was “Family: The Place where Human Rights Values meet Peace and Human Development”.

Josef Gundacker, President, Family Forum, Austria

The European Union views families as a source of economic prosperity, in which member states focus on child well-being, gender equality.

Margriet Heijdemann, educator and family counsellor

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Maria Hildingsson, Secretary General of FAFCE

Other than the UN commemoration of international family day, there so many treaties, organizations and institutions, so we have so many opportunities:

Dražen Vukotić

The very striking testimony of Mr. Dražen Vukotić, Vice-President, In the Name of the Family-Croatia, showed the power of civil society that brought about the Referendum in Croatia to protect marriage and family in the National Constitution through a constitutional amendment.

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