Intervention of Dr. Vana Kim Hansen at the UPF Switzerland Conference in Geneva on 20 June 2023

The Road to Permanent Neutrality for South Korea’s Self-determination and Peace in Northeast Asia - An outline for INNK's program.

I strongly agree that the permanent neutrality of the two Koreas is essential to create a buffer zone to prevent military clashes in Northeast Asia, which is urgent. For this to happen, South Korea has a crucial role to play. South Korea has the right to self-determination and to become an independent country. Their divine duty is to “benefit the world,” according to their original identity of “Hongik-Ingan”.

1.  South Korea's right to self-determination is crucial for Northeast Asian peace.

a) Most South Koreans believe they have the right to self-determination and independence. All the independence fighters historically fought and sacrificed their lives in that spirit. And this fight goes on today. The exception is those with something to gain from being subject to the superpowers.

b) South Korea is obligated to self-determination and become independent, because it is not an island; its decision affects all other countries surrounding it in one way or another.

c) South Korea's failure to exercise its right and duty of self-determination perpetuates the Cold War in Northeast Asia. And today, due to the conflict of hegemony between the United States and China, South Korea's acceptance of its right and duty to self-determination is manifestly imperative.

2. Permanent neutrality as a reasonable path to South Korea's self-determination

a) Neutral Korea is a noble path and a hope for the world as it will guarantee permanent peace in Northeast Asia.

b) The vision of a neutral Korea can give both North and South Korea a shared sense of destiny and a common cause. The dream of becoming a neutral Korea makes taking small steps to get the two Koreas out of the current dead end possible. The current deadly conflict is devastating and absurdly expensive.

c) Becoming a neutral country such as Switzerland would encourage the people of South Korea to exercise their right to self-determination peacefully, without fighting violently for it.

3. Psycho-emotional independence of South Korea's self-determination from the United States.

a) Psycho-emotional independence is about value. This signifies the 'soft power' for which South Korea is already well known. This is necessary to counteract the game of 'hard power' warfare. This means South Koreans are stepping back from the existing individual and societal relationship with the US.

b) South Koreans have much to offer the world, particularly the United States. Korean people are increasingly aware of their positive impact on today's world.

c) The International Network for Neutral Korea (INNK) presents a new vision to South Koreans and the world. The psycho-emotional independence approach links it to "permanent neutrality for South Korean self-determination."

4. The identity of “Hongik-Ingan” for the sustainable transformation and international leadership of the new South Korea.

a) “Hongik-Ingan” has been the Korean identity for thousands of years. “Hongik Ingan” is the Go-joseon dynasty’s founding ideology in the history of Dangun and the fundamental doctrine of education laid down by the Education Act of the Republic of Korea. “Hongik-Ingan” is a humanist ideology, consisting of altruistic ethics and lay thought, prioritizing the present life.

b) “Hongik-Ingan” is a term of non-religious value that can become a source of inspiration for all Koreans and people worldwide.

c) The Korean wave "Hallyu" is paving the way. Now, we are here with the flag of "South Korean Self-Determination" as the ultimate way to create an enlightened civilization.

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