Intervention by  Mrs. Jimin Millet Park at the Global Day of Parents event on 1 June 2023

Hello, good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen,

It is truly an honor to be able to participate in this important event commemorating Global Parents Day. My name is Jimin Park, from South Korea. I’m a graduate of international business management at the Haut Ecole de Gestion, Geneva, and also the mother of a little boy of 18 months who gifted me with a miraculous opportunity to experience parenthood and be able to share it with you today.

Thanks to the birth of my baby, I finally found a purpose in my life. He offered me the true meaning of life and I finally understand why we say "I can give my life for my child". As a mother, my biggest happiness is to see my little one smile and laugh. It's my biggest joy and I would never exchange it with anything else. Even at a sacrifice of myself, I can gladly give up anything for the wellness of my little one. Once I became a mother, I discovered I could be selfless and sacrificing and be truly happy about it.

For my little boy, I’m his shelter, caregiver, protector, guide, provider, and simply put in one word, his whole world. Starting from breastfeeding him from month zero to teaching him how to take his first step at year one and to helping him to enter into society in the future where rules and regulations abide, to accompanying him from childhood to adulthood, to the day he can fully be independent on his own, I am determined and happy to be the one who will love, care, protect, guide, help, teach good and bad, and be his biggest support, all with motherly love and mother nature.

This commitment does not come from discipline, but is a natural desire to do so, as natural as we breathe. It is our nature to care for our child’s well-being since the moment this little human is created. My husband often tells me that he feels finally complete when he enters home where our little boy and his partner await. Family is the most basic unit of society where we learn and experience every basic of the cosmos. So, we can’t deny the fact that families, parents and caregivers play an essential role in the most natural way in our child’s well-being and development. Having them grow up in a happy, caring, and loving family environment is what all parents wish for. Being a parent is indeed the most important job in the world. We are on 24/7 as a key educator, as a nurse, a cook, an entertainer, a teacher, a doctor, a judge, a caregiver, whoever we call it, we are able to transform into anything to ensure the best nurturing and their healthy development. Family has the primary responsibility for the nurturing and protection of children.

We all have our own duty to work or study in this society and it's often times not easy to navigate through our life in the world we live in, but each one of us holds on and keeps growing thanks to our own family which supports us from behind. It's the biggest source of energy that keeps us going like an oasis in a dessert. That is why I think parenthood merits to be commemorated on a set day like today to mark the importance of its critical role, which encourages the safe and healthy development of humanity and further reinforces a peaceful, respectful and secure society and world.

Thank you for your attention.



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