H.B.E. Brahimaj: Address to Peace Summit 2023, Session IV-B: IAPD

The speech of His Holiness Hajji Baba Edmond Brahimaj, also known as Baba Mondi, was delivered by Dr. Arben Suleimani from Albania, the public relations director of the International World Bektashi Order.

Toward a World Culture of Peace

In the name of God Almighty and Merciful,

Dear organizers and participants of this highly important event of the UPF Peace Summit, which encourages and promotes today's challenges that the whole world is facing: The continuous efforts that each of us must make to achieve a world culture of peace are the best achievements, starting from the contribution that each person must make in the family, society, in the workplace and beyond.

The role of religious communities is very important in this aspect. It is the religious leaders who must promote good and human values in order to have an impact on the believers. Our task as religious leaders is to elevate the human being with the good and rare qualities that God gives to him at birth, and it is his duty to cultivate them throughout his life and to pass them on to the new generations, having faith in God in his heart and the spiritual leader to show them the right path.

Therefore, our duty and that of every believer is to love God, to love the brotherhood in faith, to share with one another, and basically to appreciate the person.

Man is not our enemy! He is our brother. Man is like the whole world, he is the summary of the whole world, and he is the world. The one who kills a man has killed the whole world and himself along with the world.

Well, it is not a duty of war to kill a peaceful person, it is a serious crime against humanity and God. The task of war is to annex the enemy. But it is necessary to distinguish who is the enemy. Are the enemies of humanity the ones who still continue bloody wars today? No, the only enemy is the self, it is the ego, it is arrogance, backward thinking, greed, and the struggle for power.

Therefore, today's appeal goes to the whole world and in particular to the countries that are still threatened by wars— Ukraine, Afghanistan, and many independent states that fight by spilling blood for the defense of territories—that this killing of peace, killing of innocent lives, killing of love for each other must end once and for all.

The call and prayers are directed to the Great God: Protect man, give spiritual power, and send commanders of knowledge, meekness, sufficiency, patience, generosity, and shame.

We find God in a good person, and we don't have to look for him in holy places, not even in different religions. The faith in the heart is enough, because faith is justice; justice is the purification of bad habits and equipping with good morals. And if a person is not your brother in blood and faith, he is your brother in humanity! Love, help, respect, lend a hand when needed, give peace. Rapid change and globalism are causing human values to be lost, and we religious leaders cannot and must not allow this to happen. This was exactly the purpose of my speech for today's event!

In conclusion, I wish you productive activity in aid of humanity, sharing love and peace with brotherhood, faith, patience and dedication to each other, family and society. God bless you all. Amen.

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