A. Moisiu: Address to Peace Summit 2023, Session VI-A: Europe and the Middle East

Your Excellencies, dear friends and Ambassadors for Peace:

In all the meetings organized by UPF until now, we have talked about the problems of people and peace in the world, but this time we stand in front of a very difficult and dangerous situation, in which even a sporadic event may lead to a mad collision of the world which could be World War III.

In that case, the war would not be the same as those in the past. The Second World War had nearly 50 million casualties in six years. However, with the lethal means available today to the world's major powers, we could have that many casualties within a few hours. Therefore, keeping the peace will be one of the most important tasks, not only for the Universal Peace Federation but for all reasonable people in the world.

By nature I have not been and am not a pessimistic person, but I have used this language because in reality things are going from bad to worse. The war in Ukraine and the dangerous situation in the Taiwan region should concern us all—those of us who currently are not in power but have the right and weight of our authoritative word, and also those who are in power but still do not understand well where they are taking this world.

If in the past the Universal Peace Federation has been investing in and emphasizing the importance of dialogue and how we should better preserve world peace, currently it is not a matter of conjecture, but of events that are very close to our grim reality. Consequently, we all should be concerned—both those of us who are in our retirement and those who currently hold the fate of peace in our hands.

In Ukraine, the fire of war already has been ignited, and every day there are thousands killed and injured, mass destruction and most diverse misfortunes, real and tangible, at the expense of millions of innocent people. In the Balkan region, where the flames of war have been swirling for a long time, they are currently becoming more real. It is known that, unfortunately, Putin's Russia is interested in opening a hotbed in this part of Europe. What I am saying is not just an assumption to get attention, but an acute and present danger. Despite the efforts of the European Union and the United States to prevent an aggressive event at all costs, because of the regional mentality and the cooking that is being done by the Russian policy, the risk of a confrontation between the Serbs and the Albanians has become more actual than ever.

It is my strong opinion, which I have expressed before, that Western diplomacy should make it as clear as possible to Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić that the time has come for him to decide on which side he stands. Although it may be an old trend of Serbian politics, it no longer can continue like that. However, this not only should be said strongly but also demanded and imposed with indisputable persistence. Otherwise, if we continue only with words, the risk would increase and eventually could become a reality.

It cannot be left without mentioning the danger that is looming on the horizon as a result of the Chinese policy and attitude toward Taiwan. That is an even more serious problem, I can say, because if the war started there, this undoubtedly would be the end of this world.

All the points that I mentioned are not new, but they are no longer just assumptions. They are very possible outcomes, if the situation is not evaluated seriously.

It is the duty of all peace-loving people and those who understand the magnitude of these possible dangers not to remain indifferent to what is approaching the world.

In the northern part of the Pacific Ocean, from Taiwan to Sakhalin, that is, from the Philippines, East China, through the Sea of Japan to the Sea of Okhotsk, there is a growing pressure. The world's most powerful navies—the U.S., China, Japan and Russia, as well as South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines—are present in the area, holding massive military exercises and “showing off their muscles” as North Korea fires its offshore ballistic missiles.

So, time is calling us all to do everything possible to prevent these things from happening. It is our urgent duty, as Ambassadors for Peace, to sharpen our vigilance and work, each one where he is and where he can, to prevent a human catastrophe.

I take this opportunity to call on all the members of the Podgorica Club to use all our regional authority and prestige to prevent the Western Balkans from becoming a training ground for the war-mongering tendencies of the great powers.

Thank you for your attention!

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