Intervention of Dr. Gwangseuk Song in the EUME ILC July-August 2022: Berlin Session 1

Guten tag.

My name is Gwangseuk Song, executive chairman of the Korea Peace Road Organization.

Congratulations on the 2022 Peace Road in Berlin.

From now on I’ll speak in korean.

I attended the World CARP Rally in Berlin 35 years ago. It was the largest rally ever held in West-Germany for the Unification of Germany with over 3000 participants.

At that time, college students from 70 countries shouted for the fall of the Berlin Wall.

As they marched toward the Berlin Wall, the communist forces were violently opposed, and it was difficult to take control of the venue first. At that time, I was playing drums and pushing them away.

Participants in the Berlin Rally succeeded in pushing back the opposition and held a historic world conference on the Berlin Wall, a symbol of east-west division.

On the stage vehicle, the eldest son of Rev. Moon Hyo-jin Moon shouted to Secretary Gorbachev to break down the barrier immediately. University students around the world also cried out with Chairman Moon Hyo-jin for the slogan "Let's break down the Berlin Wall."

But surprisingly, on November 9, 1989, two years after the Berlin Rally, the Berlin Wall collapsed, and Germany was reunified.

The divided Korean people envied Germany and were able to hope that a miracle would happen on the Korean Peninsula.

In 2014, the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, a survey said that the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the unification of Germany were realized first because of Gorbachev's reform policy.

The second is the strong desire of East Germans to live well like West Germans.

Gorbachev also visited Berlin that year.

In his book, he said, "If Reagan and I hadn't signed the disarmament agreement, the world would have been in a terrible crisis, and if the Soviet Union hadn't pushed for reform, Reagan and I wouldn't have had that result."

President Reagan, who led to the end of the Cold War, made the following remarks on the 10th anniversary of the Washington Times.

'At the most important time of the century we fought together and won the Cold War. It was the Washington Times who told the truth to American citizens.

The founders of the Washington Times, which contributed to the end of the Cold War, were Rev. Moon Sun-Myung and Mrs. Han Hak-Ja Moon.

The two dedicated sacrifices created UPF in 190 countries around the world. Peace Road is a representative movement of UPF to realize a peaceful world.

On July 27, 2013, the wife of Rev. Moon, Mrs Hak-Ja Han Moon started the Peace Road Project to bring together the power of the world to realize world peace and unification of the Korean Peninsula. It was the 60th anniversary of the armistice agreement that stopped the war on the Korean Peninsula. In this regard, Peace Road contains Rev. Moon’s earnest prayer that mankind should stop the war and realize a family under heaven's parents.

Now Ukraine is suffering greatly from the Russian invasion. The whole world wants the war to stop. If Peace Road participants shout the slogan "Stop the war and open the way to peace" at every Peace Road event in 160 countries, it will be a great help to the Ukrainian people suffering from the war and a force to stop the war.

I believe it. Just as the desperate cry for the fall of the Berlin Wall 35 years ago became the starting point for the end of the Cold War, I am sure the message of the Berlin Peace Road will be realized.

Thank to President Mike Balcomb, President Jack Marion, and European UPF for preparing this opportunity.

Once again, thank you very much.

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