Intervention of Ven. Dr. Michel Thao Chan in the Think Tank 2022 Forum

Intervention of Ven. Dr. Michel Thao Chan President, Cercle de Réflexion des Nations, Paris, France, in the IAPD Session of the Think Tank 2022 Forum on 1 February, 2022.

« Can Peace be achieved by Human Means Alone – Ending 70 Years of Painful Division on the Korean Peninsula ? »


The past two years will long be remembered for the devastating impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on the world's 7.8 billion people. While injustice, conflict and extremism of all kinds still ravage the face of the earth, there has never been such broad solidarity across historical barriers to solve the current problems that threaten humanity. In political, economic and health meetings over the past two years, we have often called on God (consciously and unconsciously), to give a Great Hope, a Sense of Life, the Sacredness of Life.

So….               What is God’s will? What is Humanity’s willingness?

Story: God saw Me (I saw God)

In a big meeting I attended not so long ago, the economic and religious decision-makers called God so much; that God himself (seems) to appear in front of us all

God asks: Why do you call me so much, so intense and so long especially during the last 2 years?

All the general assembly answers unanimously: because we love You deeply and you are the God who helps us to find Peace and Prosperity on Earth

God answers: Really! Sincerely!!!   But you have not yet met my friend 'God the Almighty Power of Name and Fame' who has the Power, the Money the Influence Power on this Earth; He is just right behind your backs, all of you.

95% of the General Assembly turned their eyes back and saw no one

They all shouted: God you have deceived us, there is no one.

God replies: No there is no one, but if you sincerely love me, you do not turn back to the God Almighty of Power of Name and Fame because the keys to Inner Peace, Love, Compassion and Prosperity are in your heart.

I am part of the 5% of Men, who have Faith who have not looked back; I have silently looked at my heart and I saw the

                     God the Creator, God creates man in his own image

The opposite of War isn’t Peace, it is Creation (from the Heart)

War is in the Mind of People, so that in the Mind of people that Peace has to be constructed

Peace is in the Heart of People, so that in the Heart of People that Peace has to Blossom


The reunification of Korea is a transformative opportunity for understanding more deeply the world Peace of People and Nations (is a creation)

Introduction of the study

1- We cannot solve the problems of the Reunification at the same level of consciousness that we created them (the division of the 2 Koreas)

   It must be rooted in "The Convergence of the soul of the people of Korea"

2- The divergence of actions and projects made justifiable in the name of the reunification of Korea by indefensible interventions and planning must be erased, gradually removed from the information and education of the 2 Koreas.

     It must be rooted in "The Convergence of the soul of the people of Korea"

Conclusion of the study

. Despite being politically separate entities after the Korean War, the governments of North and South Korea both proclaimed the restoration of Korea as a single state as a goal.

As my research on the Hope of Unification: Desirability, Harmony Charters, Financial Power the willingness of people and nations are still in the same direction of reunification;

  • A Unified Korea will sooner or later be among the three powerful strong states in the world.
  • The coming success of Korean reunification is a transformative model for all nations to understand the efficient world Peace of People and Nations.


The efficient world Peace of People and Nations depends on the Concordance of 3 aggregates Circumstances (the laws of Causality).

The Providence of Heaven, a favourable Environment, Peace between peoples and nations

(Thiên thời địa lợi nhân hòa 天时地利人和 (tiān shí dì lì rén hé))

OM Peace, Peace, Peace

(Inner Peace, Peace among all beings, Peace between Nations and People)

Ending 70 Years of Painful Division on the Korean Peninsula

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