Intervention of Dr. Eva Çipi on the occasion of the inauguration of the Balkans Peace Embassy

Distinguished Presidents and guests that are present here at this beautiful ceremony. Honorable Mayor of Tirana gracing us with your presence here, Honorable Dr. Balcomb, honorable representatives of the Universal Peace Federation of Europe and the Middle East, dear Ambassadors for Peace, sisters and brothers who are part of our great family, I greet you on this blessed day that God brought to us with such splendor and full of life.

Finally, we have our great and beautiful home, the Peace Embassy, the temple of love, of goodness, the temple of knowledge of the truth of the Divine Principle, and above all the warm and common hearth that will unite us more in our mission for a world full of knowledge and faith in God as the Divine Parent who established us on the path of life and the pursuit of a world of peace. After two intense years since the last visit of the True Mother, and the intensiveness of the work here, we are finally gathered to inaugurate this very special building.

The Peace Embassy is here, a reality in the heart of Tirana, in the heart of Albania, and in the heart of the Balkans. This magnificent work is the fruit of the love and support that True Parents give us for what we do every day and every hour in the name of principles and in the name of Peace and God.

On behalf of the Universal Peace Federation in Albania, we thank especially Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon for her generous permanent support. Today, we feel proud, but also privileged, to be motivated more than ever to continue our mission more strongly united in this great house of Ambassadors for Peace with faith in God and universal values. This strong building is just as spiritual because it is filled with the joy and happiness of thousands of members working for peace here in Albania, Kosovo, and the Balkans.

At its foundation are the efforts, works and wishes realized, dreams perhaps still unfulfilled by many of us Ambassadors for Peace, for a better life, for an Albania and a nation that grows spiritually and becomes magnificent. We all feel proud that the Universal Peace Federation already has its altar, where generations will continue to be educated even more beautifully, even better with the sacred principles that make us especially happy, where we will further sculpt the belief in universal values, the belief in God for a divine purpose.

This Embassy will bless thousands of Ambassadors for Peace, making us a bigger, stronger family, overcoming borders, rising above political and ideological barriers, uniting nations and enlightening souls for a peaceful future full of prosperity in our peninsula. This Embassy opens its doors today to all who love peace and life, family and God, to all those who give their lives a divine purpose and strive to contribute to the future, to our children. Thank God we are all here after all these challenges that time has set us on our journey. This is a blessed day that we will celebrate every November 21st, just as we would celebrate every birthday, and show how much we have grown. God bless this Embassy, Albania, and all of you dear Ambassadors for Peace.

Thank you.

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