Q: What kind of practices of true love can be suggested in order to bring about peace in the Korean peninsula?

A: Dr. No Hi Pak answered that UPF founder Dr. Sun Myung Moon often spoke about the way the Korean Peninsula should be united, emphasizing there should be love. There has been little genuine talking so far between the North and the South. It is essential to open our hearts to each other’s situation and that peace be prepared on all levels of society, from the individual, family, etc.

Q: How can Europe demonstrate true love towards Korean unification?

A: Dr Pak said Europe has great potential to find solutions to unite North and South Korea, as many European countries communicate with both North and South Korea. Moreover, good examples can be found in Europe of how conflicts were solved.

Q: What actions by NGOs or what policies by governments in Europe can be implemented in order to help the peace process in the Korean Peninsula, involving also Japan, China and Russia?

A: Mrs. Komagata said that the European Union actually is not neutral, unlike other countries, such as Switzerland or Sweden, which are positioned at the DMZ as members of the NNSC. These two countries could play a major role. The Swiss model of a federal state, for instance, could serve as an example for the two Koreas.

Q: Can we expect to see Korean unification after all the efforts made by the UN and the Security Council?

A: Great effort for unification has indeed been made by the UN, said Mrs. Komagata. At some point, however, further progress was vetoed by at the Security Council. Since the 1960s, the two Koreas, rather than the UN, have taken matters into their own hands. Mrs. Komagata, however, thinks that the UN could now again play a more important role in the Korean peninsula.

Q: How can the problem of the dwindled interest among South Korean youngsters in the unification of the peninsula be solved?

A: Mrs. Komagata said that youngsters these days are very much under pressure, due to strong competition on the job market and in schools. They also face issues such as low fertility, low marriage rates, high suicide rates, and unemployment. This may prevent them from seeing the possible benefits of unifying North and South Korea. Many fear it might put more pressure on them, which actually is not the case. South Korea should not take over the North, in a similar way as was done in Germany. There should be mutual support. North and South Koreans live in different worlds; they do not share the same freedom and material wealth; they have a different state of mind. This new paradigm could give rise to a new culture for all Koreans. Mutual understanding is vital, and seeing what is good in both systems, can help to achieve this.

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