We, convened at the round-table “Family Values, Family Policies, European Culture: Challenges and Opportunities in Central Europe Today” in Vienna on July 8, 2016, are a group of concerned citizens, educators, experts, opinion-makers and politicians from the “Visegrad Four” and other Central European countries.

We discussed issues related to the institution of the family, family policy, European culture and identity. Several concerns were raised by speakers and participants; however, there emerged a clear consensus among us, which can be summarized as follows:

(1)   Judeo-Christian, antiquity and humanist values which shaped European culture have to be transmitted to younger generations, so that the abovementioned values are known and internalized by young people. 

(2)   The institution of the family must be protected and its autonomy respected by states and governments. 

(3)   Freedom of religion, freedom of conscience and religious liberty are basic natural rights that should be respected by all. 

We want to defend, protect and strengthen those principles, we shall continue to do so in the future and welcome all who would join us in these efforts and endeavors.

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