All people now need to establish true families in which they attend God as their Father. He is the “first generation,” and these families who stand in the position of perfected Adam and Eve and become husband and wife will establish the realm of the second generation. The children whom they then procreate will bring to fruition the realm of the third generation.

By following this path we can create a world free from sin, a world filled with true freedom, peace, and happiness, in which God’s direct lineage will thrive on the earth generation after generation for all eternity. Then people will know God and the spirit world with certainty and clearly see the path to bring about peace.

What does peace mean? In human relations, peace means that the subject partner and the object partner become one with each other horizontally. It refers to a state of being level, of complete balance, where there is not even the slightest disturbance. In Chinese characters, the word for peace consists of two characters, one meaning flat, or horizontal, and another meaning harmony, or reconciliation.

Thus, peace is not a solitary place that just one person can form. No one, no matter how hard they may try, can be happy by him or herself. True peace comes only when there is harmony in the relationships of above and below, right and left, and front and back, when there is no leaning to one side or the other. The world of peace is a world in which three-dimensional axes are established in the vertical, front-to-back, and horizontal directions, and where all things are in complete resonance with each other. When the seven colors of the rainbow are combined, they form the color white, which symbolizes harmony and peace. In the same way, peace is a pure white color within which all conditions and circumstances are fused in harmony. When all directions form complete harmony at a single point, then the two-dimensional plane is automatically transcended, the third dimension is taken on and an eternal nature is acquired. This is how the permanent peace of humanity can be established.

Peace does not exist in isolation. It has its root in true love. In the same way that freedom and happiness have their roots in true love, so also true peace cannot be accomplished unless we first bring about true love.

What kind of love is true love? It is love that gives and then forgets that it has given, that is, it is love that gives unconditionally. It is sacrificial love. In the same way that parents attach no conditions to the love by which they give birth, bring up, and provide for a child, all true love is love that gives unconditionally. It is love that even forgives an enemy and then gives to that person. It is a love that gives, and then keeps on giving. Because it gives without condition, true love does not even remember that it has already given. It is a love of unlimited giving. This was the love that God bestowed on human beings at the time He created us. That is why the origin of true love resides in God. When peace is established on the basis of this true love, it will become true peace and will bring with it freedom and happiness.


No matter what it takes, we need to unite our mind and body, become the substantiation of true love, and then pull ourselves up to the stage of perfection. Each of us must become a true person who can call out to God, “My Father!” without the slightest sense of unworthiness or the smallest shadow. If we do that, we will become eternally luminous beings, who send out the light of the truth and love of our Father in Heaven. When we have completed our lives on earth, we will live eternally in the spirit world as the sons and daughters of Heaven, God’s direct children.

Second, as members of a community such as a society or a nation, we have to practice living for the sake of others. This means we must respect each person’s human rights. Under no circumstance may we commit the mistake of violating the human rights of another. People of all races are born with equal value. As far as race is concerned, God is color-blind. Racial discrimination, religious struggle, and selfish nationalism give rise to situations resulting in the violation of human rights. The age when people could be ruled by force has passed. The twenty-first century is an age when people live together, transcending race, nation, and religion. This means that the age of ruling through true love has begun.


Extract from the speech "The Root of Peace Is in True Love" given by Dr Sun Myung Moon on February 15, 2002 at the Hilton Millennium Seoul, Seoul, Korea, as his Address at the World Culture and Sports Festival 2002 and the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace Assembly 
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