Washington, D.C.—The 2nd "Conference of Hope" was held in South Korea on December 17 and live streamed to millions of viewers globally.

Vienna, Austria—Former Western Balkan heads of state, high-level officials and Balkans experts were the panelists at the conference.

Frankfurt, Germany—The Frankfurt Book Fair was the site of the Peace Talk titled "Forgive. Love. Unite."

Seoul, Korea—The greatest difference between open, free societies and authoritarian regimes is respect for human rights and religious freedom.

Europe and the Middle East—In response to International Day of Peace, a conference of women leaders said, “Peace starts with women.”

 Seoul, Korea—International leaders at the Summit 2022 and Leadership Conference affirmed their support for global peacebuilding.

Europe and the Middle East—The International Leadership Conference focused on Korean reunification and a global culture of peace.

The World Summit 2022 for Peace on the Korean Peninsula was held in Seoul, Korea, from February 10 to 14, with 160 nations, including 157 with diplomatic ties to one or both of the Koreas, being represented. 

Pristina, Kosovo—Kosovo’s prime minister was the keynote speaker at a Balkans Leadership Conference held under the auspices of the Government of Kosovo.

Europe and the Middle East—Korea experts discussed the next five years under Suk-yeol Yoon’s presidency.

Europe and the Middle East— An interreligious council was one of the proposals discussed during ILC2022 Session II.

Europe and the Middle East—Speakers from the United Kingdom, Japan and Russia discussed the potential of the International Highway Initiative.

Tirana, Albania—Former Balkan presidents attended the first joint conference between UPF EUME and the Podgorica Club.

Europe and the Middle East—The Think Tank 2022 Global Forum focused on opening the path to reconciliation, peace and development.

Gapyeong, Korea—The second “Prayer Rally for Peace on the Korean Peninsula,” held on January 9, 2022, was attended by more than 1 million people.  

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